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About my service

I want to give people easy access to experienced, great value public affairs support focused on them and not influenced by agency targets and budgets.  The huge overheads that agencies bear – big central London office space, marketing, events and entertainment – all eat into client fees.  Most large agencies aren’t interested in smaller clients and are actively looking to walk away from business below a certain level.  Those clients don’t get the senior attention and advice they deserve.  There’s a better way, where they can get senior counsel and great support at reasonable fees.  Similarly, larger organisations are moving away from retainer-based relationships, commissioning networked experts on a project by project basis to deliver on their evolving needs. I believe the industry will continue to move towards a model where organisations can call on the expertise they require as and when they need it. 

If you aren't getting the advice and results you expect from your agency, or if you have a need or project that falls within my services, I’d love to hear from you.

Paul Montague-Smith


My Story

Since I was a teenager I've been fascinated by government and politics – how policy is developed, political power exercised and how to influence outcomes.  After studying politics and history at university I started my career at one of the first government relations consultancies in the UK, where a team of seven of us looked after a client roster of over 30 big name brands like Kelloggs, Philips, Bass and Trusthouse Forte.  From those early days I progressed to become a director and partner in two of the biggest and highest profile global PR agencies. 

I’ve worked across most sectors including finance and financial services, FMCG, technology, transport and infrastructure and education.  I’ve created and implemented a huge number of communications strategies and programmes to meet all kinds of challenges.  Whether it’s protecting and building reputations, defending business models, opening market opportunities, managing crises, supporting high profile deals, or running political campaigns to change legislation and policy, I’ve dealt with most issues that public affairs professionals face.  

I also know what it means to be client side.  I spent two years within one of the largest global banks, developing and implementing its engagement strategy and managing a portfolio of policy issues involving negotiations with government, legislation and high-profile appearances before parliament.

Over my career I've had the honour of working with some of the most well-known companies and organisations, including those below.

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