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Deal support

Insights, advice, messaging and engagement programmes to support high-profile corporate transactions involving political or regulatory risk.

Growing concerns around foreign ownership of UK businesses and assets are leading politicians and regulators to play a more decisive role in whether transactions proceed, and if so on what terms.  Understanding and proactively managing the politics and regulation around high profile or sensitive acquisitions and investments is crucial. If misjudged or poorly handled, companies can face unexpected interventions, putting deals at risk or requiring commitments that undermine the business case on which they are founded.  I offer:

  • In-depth reports on the political, policy and regulatory landscape, giving you a deeper understanding of the decision-making environment and thinking of key players in Westminster, Whitehall and beyond


  • Stakeholder mapping, so you know in detail the decision-makers and the influencers around them, as well as their priorities and agendas


  • Engagement and influencing programmes to minimise risk and to ensure decision-makers and influencers understand and your credentials, plans and vision


  • Ongoing monitoring and advice, so you are fully apprised and can properly manage all developments that could impact your reputation and deal completion


  • Parliamentary committee support, in the event you are called to give evidence in what is a high profile and high risk environment

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