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Parliamentary committee support

Advice, training and support to help you promote or defend your interests with parliamentary committees.

Parliamentary committees play an influential role in the UK political process, scrutinising policy, legislation and government spending.  They offer an opportunity for businesses and other organisations to communicate their views, shape the public policy agenda and secure political support.


They can also pose significant reputational risk. Appearing before a committee can be extremely demanding. Witnesses can face persistent, detailed and aggressive questioning. Committees have broken reputations – both individual and corporate – in a matter of moments.


Whatever the nature of the inquiry – hostile or neutral – witnesses need to be thoroughly prepared, anticipating the questions they will be asked, developing and rehearsing their answers and key messages.  They also need to understand the mindset and priorities of the politicians on the other side of the table.


I offer:

  • Full panel rehearsals

  • One-on-one rehearsal / guidance sessions

  • Narrative and message development

  • Q&A preparation

  • Analysis reports

  • Written evidence support

  • Committee member profiles

  • Guidance on committee procedures and powers

  • Committee liaison

  • Media relations planning and support

  • Follow up support

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