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It's coming, but what will it mean for you?

If you need to keep on top of the election campaign and what it means for your business or sector, we're offering a daily update and analysis, tailored to your specific priorities, for the duration of the campaign.

Our daily e-mail will:

  • cover the key developments in the previous 24hrs, with expert analysis on what it means

  • capture all the key policy announcements and commitments made by the main parties, with exclusive access to an online policy tracker

  • identify and analyse the announcements specifically relevant to you

  • track the latest polls, campaign trends and key seats that will determine the outcome

  • look ahead to identify the upcoming issues the main parties will focus on

It will be delivered in a format that can be easily forwarded on or adapted further for your stakeholders.

If you are interested in subscribing please e-mail us and we will contact you to discuss your specific requirements and pricing.


Other general election services are also available:

  • Analysis of the election result and what it means for the formation and direction of travel of the government and parliament

  • Detailed insights and analysis on the new Government, its ministers, advisers, policy programme and implications for your sector

  • Insights and analysis of the new parliamentary select committees, including their expected priorities

  • An independent review of your public affairs strategy and tactics, with recommendations on how it could best be developed to have maximum impact in the new political landscape

Get in touch to find out more.

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